Rigged Hi-Liner Bronze Harpoon Dart

Hi-Liner Rigged Bronze Harpoon Dart

DFP Fish Saver Descender

New DFP Descending Device

Hi-Liner SM Stainless Harpoon Dart

Hi-Liner SM Stainless Harpoon Dart

Hi-liner Bronze Harpoon Dart

Hi-Liner Solid Bronze Harpoon Dart

Hi-Liner Stainless Steel Harpoon Replacement Shaft

Harpoon Replacement Shaft

10′ Heavy Duty Landing Net

The thick 1-1/4″ diameter, American made fiberglass handle can slide up into the hoop or it may be removed for easy storage.

Rigged Stainless Steel Dart

Rigged Stainless Steel Dart

Hi-Liner Wood Handle Fish Pick

Available in sizes: 14″, 21″, and 29″

Mustad Gaff Head

High Carbon Steel gaff head ( Fish Hook ).

Hi-Liner Drag Hooks

All Stainless Steel Construction
Available with: 12″, 24″, 30″, 36″ length handles

Ashaway Tuna Braid

The perfect choice for Buoy Fishermen.
Available in both 1 pound and 5 pound spools.

Hi-Liner Harpoon W/Rigged Dart

9ft. 2 piece, all stainless steel construction.

Hi-Liner Stainless Harpoon Dart

Hi-Liner Stainless Harpoon Dart

Dexter 4″ Orange Handle Drag Hook

Dexter Russell S-191 – 4″ Orange Handle Drag Hook

Hi-Liner Tuna Missile

Our Tuna Missile is a simple ON-DEMAND device to slide down the leader (or even down the line) when needed, to grab the fish by its head.

Hi-Liner 16” Pigtail Dehooker

Hi-Liner 16” Stainless Steel Pigtail Dehooker

Hi-Liner Harpoon

Solid Stainless Steel, two piece Harpoon

Hi-Liner 16″ Commercial J-Style DeHooker

Hi-Liner 16″ Stainless Steel Commercial J-Style DeHooker

Hi-Liner Heavy Duty Pigtail Dehooker

Hi-Liner Heavy Duty Pigtail Dehooker