Lindgren-Pitman 4″ High Tech Block

A new and improved version of L/P's industry standard four inch monofilament Longline Block. Model#: LP-BLOCK-4HT

Lindgren-Pitman 4″ & 6″ Blocks

The 4" Mono Block features an aluminum frame, stainless steel sheeve, replaceable sealed stainless steel ball bearings, and stainless steel shaft and has a 1000 lb. maximum load rating.

Folbe 3″ Nylon Block

Fiber-reinforced marine grade nylon block, works with either cable or rope

Loomis 4” Heavy Duty Trolling Block

This Loomis Model#: PS14 reinforced nylon, 4 inch block has been lab tested to lift 3,700 pounds.

Waterman Industries Closed Face Block

4" hardened - 304 stainless steel construction Monofilament hauling block.

Waterman Industries Open Face Block

100% stainless steel construction.

Lindgren-Pitman Monofilament Longline Fairlead Roller


Lindgren-Pitman Medium Duty Monofiliment Roller Assembly


Lindgren-Pitman Heavy Duty Cable Roller

Model#: LW-RLLR-HD


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