Hi-Liner Mini Hand Crimping Tool

The perfect hand held crimper for sleeves up to 2.3mm

Hi-Liner Fuji Kizai Bench Mount Crimper

Heavy duty, precision bench mount crimp tool

Yoshimura Bench Mount Crimper

Super Heavy Duty Bench Mount Crimping Tool

Momoi Glue in Crimp Tool Dies

Fits Fuji Kizai and Yoshimua Bench Crimpers

Hi-Liner CH-18 Crimp Tool

Crimps sleeves from 1.0mm to 4.2mm with ease

Hi-Liner CT-180 Crimp Tool

Commercial rig building is easy with this bench mount crimper

Hi-Liner CT-1000 Crimp Tool

Fully adjustable crimping tool that accepts both pinned and glue in interchangeable dies.

Hi-Liner CT-1000 Crimp Tool Dies

Hi-Liner Crimp Tool Dies