Lindgren-Pitman Super Mini Longline Spool

This new reel design has the same ruggedness and quality construction as Lindgren-Pitman’s larger longline spools

Lindgren-Pitman Super Spool III Longline Spool

The new Super Spool III is designed specifically with monofilament line in mind – Four spool sizes available

Lindgren-Pitman Twin Super Spool III Longline Spool

Lindgren-Pitman’s latest technology has eliminated welds between the end plates and the core to create a stronger longline spool with smoother hauling.

Lindgren-Pitman Hydraulic Packages

These systems provide the required 10 GPM @ 1,500 psi hydraulic pressure and are specifically designed for 5 to 100 nautical mile Lindgren-Pitman Longline Systems, with or without line setters

Lindgren-Pitman LS Series Line Setter

The LS Series Line Setter is designed to pull monofilament longlines from the hauling/storage spool

Lindgren-Pitman Hook & Buoy Counter

Automatically count hooks and buoys as they are set with a LINDGREN-PITMAN Timer.