Marine Instruments M3P Longline Buoy

State of the Art Longline Tracking Buoy

Marine Instruments Spare Parts

Spare Parts for M3P Buoys

Marine Instruments MIR-5000 GPS Receiver System

GPS Antenna and Computer Interface

Marine Instruments MIP-C Smart Buoy Charger

Automatic 4 place M3P Buoy Charger

Ryo/Kato Battery Pack

Ryo/Kato Battery Pack

Ryo/Kato D-Cell Battery Canister

D-Cell Battery Canister for Radio Beeper Buoy

Seamaster Load Coil

Replacement Seamaster Load Coil.

Semaster D Cell Canister

Seamaster D Cell Canister. More information coming soon.

Seamaster Replacement Transmitter

Seamaster Replacement Transmitter. More information coming soon.