Marine Instruments M3P Longline Buoy

State of the Art Longline Tracking Buoy

Marine Instruments MIR-5000 GPS Receiver System

GPS Antenna and Computer Interface

Marine Instruments MIP-C Smart Buoy Charger

Automatic 4 place M3P Buoy Charger

Marine Instruments Spare Parts

Spare Parts for M3P Buoys

Kato Stainless Steel Beeper Buoy

Stainless steel construction, seven watt buoy.

Seamaster Replacement Transmitter

Seamaster Replacement Transmitter. More information coming soon.

Ryo/Kato Battery Pack

More information coming soon.

Ryo/Kato D-Cell Battery Canister

D-Cell Battery Canister for Radio Beeper Buoy

Seamaster Load Coil

Replacement Seamaster Load Coil.

Semaster D Cell Canister

Seamaster D Cell Canister. More information coming soon.


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