Hi-Liner Fish Scaler

Hi-Liner Fish Scraper

DFP Fish Saver Descender

New DFP Descending Device

EMI LifeSaver Plus Seat Belt Cutter

The Lifesaver Plus cuts quickly through tangled mono, much faster and safer than scissors.

Hi-Liner Short Handle Stainless Steel Wire Brush

10 inch long stainless steel brush with 4 rows 16 brushes long.

Hi-Liner Long Handle Stainless Steel Wire Brush

14 inch long handle scratch brush with 3 x 19 rows of stainless steel wire.

Lindgren-Pitman Hook & Buoy Counter

Automatically count hooks and buoys as they are set with a LINDGREN-PITMAN Timer.

Ashaway Tuna Braid

The perfect choice for Buoy Fishermen.
Available in both 1 pound and 5 pound spools.

1 1/2 Bushel Shrimp Basket

Heavy duty, U.V. resistant plastic Shrimp Basket used for bait thawing, toting fish and buoy gear storage

Hook File

Primarily used for hook sharpening.

Tyvek Tags

Used for marking weights on fish.

Tag Fasteners

Used to fasten tags to weighed fish.

Tag Gun

Used to fasten fasteners and tags to weighed fish.

Hi-Liner Tuna Missile

Our Tuna Missile is a simple ON-DEMAND device to slide down the leader (or even down the line) when needed, to grab the fish by its head.

Hi-Liner 16″ Commercial J-Style DeHooker

Hi-Liner 16″ Stainless Steel Commercial J-Style DeHooker

Hi-Liner 16” Pigtail Dehooker

Hi-Liner 16” Stainless Steel Pigtail Dehooker

Hi-Liner Heavy Duty Pigtail Dehooker with PVC Protector

Hi-Liner Heavy Duty Pigtail Dehooker w/ PVC protector