Ashaway Tuna Braid

The perfect choice for Buoy Fishermen.
Available in both 1 pound and 5 pound spools.

DFP Fish Saver Descender

New DFP Descending Device

Hi-Liner Shrimp Baskets

Heavy duty, U.V. resistant plastic 1/2 & 1 1/2 Bushel Shrimp Baskets

Hi-Liner 16” Pigtail Dehooker

Hi-Liner 16” Stainless Steel Pigtail Dehooker

Hi-Liner 16″ Commercial J-Style DeHooker

Hi-Liner 16″ Stainless Steel Commercial J-Style DeHooker

Hi-Liner Heavy Duty Pigtail Dehooker with PVC Protector

Hi-Liner Heavy Duty Pigtail Dehooker w/ PVC protector

Hi-Liner Long Handle Stainless Steel Wire Brush

14 inch long handle scratch brush with 3 x 19 rows of stainless steel wire.

Hi-Liner Short Handle Stainless Steel Wire Brush

10 inch long stainless steel brush with 4 rows 16 brushes long.

Hi-Liner Tag Fasteners

Used to fasten tags to weighed fish.

Hi-Liner Tag Gun

Used to fasten fasteners and tags to weighed fish.

H-Liner Fish Tags

Used for marking weights on fish.

EMI LifeSaver Plus Seat Belt Cutter

The Lifesaver Plus cuts quickly through tangled mono, much faster and safer than scissors.

Hi-Liner Tag Gun Replacement Needles

Replacement Tag Gun Needles