Lindgren-Pitman Rigid Longline Float

This float is designed for maximum longline floatation.

Lindgren Pitman Strobe Buoy

L/P 14″ Rigid Float
Includes: strobe light, 12″ extension,
14″ hard float, & 7 lbs. lead weight

Polyform A Series Buoy

The A Series is the industry standard by which other buoys are measured.

Polyform CC Series Pole Buoys

Inflatable pole float. Used on Hi-Flyer Poles. Available in safety red color.

Polyform LD Series Buoy

Inflatable low drag buoy helps keep your buoy closer to the surface upon retrieval instead of having a tendency to dive.

Hi-Liner 7″ x 14″ Orange Foam Buoy

HI-Liner 7″ X 14″ heavy duty foam surface and marker float