Hi-Liner Mini Copper Double Sleeves

Hi-Liner Mini Copper Double Sleeves

Hi-Liner Black Brass 3-Way Swivels

Brass 3-Way Swivels

Hi-Liner Round Luminous Glow Beads

Bright Round Glow Beads

Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Barrel Swivels

Stainless Barrel Swivels

Ball Bearing Swivels with Tournament Snap

Diamond Tournament Grade Ball Bearing Snap Swivel

Hi-Liner Swivel Sleeves

Quickly Connect Leaders to Mainlines

Hi-liner Copper Double Sleeve

Hi-liner Copper Double Sleeves are zinc plated to prevent any corrosion and are manufactured in the U.S.A.

Hi-Liner Double Aluminum Sleeves

Available in sizes: 3.5mm, 4.0mm, 4.5mm – 500 Pieces per bag

Momoi Silver-Lock Aluminum Sleeves

Manufactured in Japan using strict quality assurance procedures to produce a high quality, burr free, precise fitting sleeve every time.

Hi-Liner Aluminum Single Sleeves

Bag of 500 – Available in Sizes: C, D, E

Hi-Liner Oval Luminous Glow Beads

Oval Glo Beads absorb light and brings a low level light source to your bait.

Rosco 3 Way Swivels

These ROSCO 3-Way Swivels are American made and used in multi-line and high test down rigging applications

Hi-Liner Leaded Swivels

Use leaded swivels when drifting baits

Hi-Liner Vinyl Loop Tubing

Hi-Liner Vinyl Loop Tubing available in 1 pound skeins in clear and Luminous Green

Hi-Liner Luminous Thimbles

Available in multiple’s of 100 Thimbles

Hi-Liner Polyester Spring Loop Protectors

No loop connection is complete without some type of anti-chafing gear to protect your leader material.

Hi-Liner Stainless Steel Thimbles

Hi-Liner Stainless Steel Thimbles offer you the maximum protection for your line and wire leader connections.