Ashaway Tuna Braid

The perfect choice for Buoy Fishermen. Available in both 1 pound and 5 pound spools.

LP Swordfish Leader Material

Available in 100yd. Skeins, 5lb. Coils and 25lb. Bulk Spools.

Lindgren Pitman Strobe Buoy

L/P 14" Rigid Float Includes: strobe light, 12" extension, 14" hard float, & 7 lbs. lead weight

Polyform CC Series Pole Buoys

Inflatable pole float. Used on Hi-Flyer Poles. Available in safety red color.

SPONGEX 7″ x 14″ Orange Foam Buoy

Spongex 7" X 14" surface and marker floats are constructed from hardened PVC foam

Shrimp Basket

Heavy duty, U.V. resistant plastic Shrimp Basket used for bait thawing, toting fish and buoy gear storage

Eagle Claw 9014 “J” Hook

3X strong, size 8/0 & 9/0 " J" hook for Swordfish and Tuna buoy fishing applications.

Eagle Claw 9016 Offset “J” Hook

8/0 and 9/0 Offset "J" Hook used for Swordfish and Tuna in buoy fishing applications.

Mustad 39960DT Circle Hooks

13/0 thru 16/0 Circle Hooks. Primarily used for deep drops, Swordfish, and Tuna applications.

Korean Black High Carbon Offset Circle Hook

Korean Black 16/0 Offset Circle Hooks.

Hi-Liner Hi-Lights 4″ Powdered Light Sticks

Easy to fit on to monofilament with our unique multi-key system. Available in: Green & Blue

Hi-Liner 4″ Stainless Steel Mini Longline Snap

New Hi-Liner 3 inch long stainless steel mini snap.

Hi-Liner 4″ Stainless Steel Mini Longline Snap with 4/0 Swivel

Hi-Liner 4 inch Mini Snap with 4/0 Swivel

Hi-Liner 3″ Stainless Steel Mini Longline Snap with 4/0 Swivel

New Hi-Liner 3 inch stainless steel Mini Snap with 4/0 Swivel

Hi-Liner Heavy Duty Longline Snap w/Super Duty Swivel

Model#: 148-SBL

Hi-Liner 120 Longline Snap with 6/0 Swivel

Model#: SNAP-120-6/0


Xenon strobe light with red and white flash, day/night on off switch.

Hi-Liner Sea Light Waterproof LED Strobe Light

Multi-Purpose Buoy Marker Light Model#: CH200-1

Futai SY-61A High Intensity Xenon Strobe

High intensity xenon strobe with automatic daytime shut off switch.

Hi-Liner Strobe Light Holder

Fits any "D Cell" strobe light


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