HI-LINER FISHING GEAR is the world supplier of longline commercial fishing gear and equipment for swordfish and tunas.  Our collection of MOMOI monofilaments, MUSTAD and Eagle Claw hooks, Polyform Buoys, Lindgren-Pitman hydraulics and HI-LINER accessories can be found on the most successful longline vessels fishing in every ocean.  Large inventories of longline snaps, sleeves, bullet buoys, light sticks, commercial fishing gloves, Grundens rain gear and Dexter Russell knives combined with convenient shipping make HI-LINER the longline supplier of choice.  We continue to offer the the widest and finest selection of commercial fishing gear monofilaments for any fishing application. Including equipment for Daytime swordfish, buoy gear, and hand line.  Our DIAMOND fishing lines and MOMOI sport fishing monofilaments can be found at our recreational fishing web-site – www.diamondfishing.com

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Long Handle De hooker

One inch diameter anodized aircraft aluminum tube with sure grip foam handles.
Sizes available, six foot, eight foot, and 12 foot. (12 foot is two piece


Landing Net

The thick 1-1/4″ diameter, American made fiberglass handle can slide up into the hoop or it may be removed for easy storage.

Hook Special!

January 20, 2012

Call and ask about our blow out hook special.
All Mustad 39965 13/0, 14/0, and 15/0 Duratin, reversed offset, Tuna circl… Continued

Blue Water Fisherman’s Association

Hi-Liner Fishing Gear and Tackle would like to announce voluntary contributions to the Blue Water Fisherman’s… Continued